To have a mission, is to believe one hundred percent in what you will present, back, work towards, and achieve. ZenServe’s Mission is not just one type of service, but finding every encounter with another an opportunity to serve. Servitude is not defined by one type of service, but in any way you can help another in need. So, our mission is to continue to serve, and grow in our capabilities to continue to serve others, no matter their needs.


To serve our community, no matter what a person may need. To serve, without expectation. To constantly reaffirm anyone in a place of self doubt. To reassure the capabilities of every person. To give without judgement, and work our hardest to give and encourage the best from all those we can come in to contact with. Whether it is a conversation, a meal, or a hug. Our Past does not define who we are and who we want to be.